Love a good series? Many of the world’s greatest literary works started out as serials, among them — Sherlock Holmes, Great Expectations, The Pickwick Papers, The Three Musketeers, Anna Karenina, And Then There Were None.

And then, there are these:

Chimei Art Museum

1.  Background
2.  Women In Awkward Poses for the Sake of Art
3.  Couples’ Communication
4. Paintings Wherein Baby Jesus Looks like  Middle-Aged Man or a Pervert or Both
5. Pictures of Men Lurking Off to the Side, Whispering Sweet-Nothings

Letters from Your Vice President

1.  Say Hello to your New VP!
2. Hello Again from Your Vice-President of Internal Affairs

Substitute Serials

1.  Substitute Initiation
2.  Soap

Extra Bible Lessons

1. Background
2. Bible Stories Appended with “But Everyone Thinks You’re an Asshole”
(Full Version | Abridged Version)
3. (coming soon)

Time Travel

1. 10 Reasons I Would’ve Been the Medieval Medicine Man You’d’ve Gone to for All That Ails You

Free Ideas for the Taking

1.  Three-Word Titles for Books, Websites, or Other

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